Electromechanical Works

We offer highly skilled personnel to various electromechanical works that serve any industrial project. Including and not limited to heavy machinery and tools necessary for such installations, and execution of work. We are not limited to the execution of work, as ducting, piping, electrical power, and control boards and wiring can also be designed in house, and executed likewise.


Our fabrication facility, equipped with various CNC machinery enables us to fabricate complete equipment, assemblies, and parts for various mechanical systems at low lead times. Equipped with highly professional personnel at installation tasks, enables CAD Heavy Industries to optimize execution proficiency, quality and cost for various projects.


We have offered various automation solutions, and integration of production lines, and equipment, where our scope of work ranged from Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System Design, and implementation, control power, and control boards completely assembled, to the wiring and termination of such solutions.


Our Mechanical team, and Electrical team, backed up by the necessary workshops and tools enables CAD Heavy Industries to deliver Electromechanical projects of the highest quality and efficiency. Our clients are continuously working with us. As we deliver to them high quality services, and components, our expertise continuous to grow.