Production Lines

We excel in designing, upgrading and optimizing production lines in all the industrial segments covering Minerals, Petrochemical, Fertilizers, Utilities, Cement, Food & beverages segments as well as Recycling & Waste Management Systems.

Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool (stone wool) is the ideal solution for Thermo-Acoustical insulation. Which can withstand higher temperatures, with a lower drop in thermal insulation properties against elevated temperatures up to °700C, with high acoustical dampening properties, In addition, Mineral Wool possesses fire resistance and water repellant qualities which make it suitable for different applications.

We are your partner of success when it’s related to Mineral Wool Production plants with over 27 years’ experience in Mineral Wool Production lines. We are the ultimate regional designer, manufacturer, optimizer and upgrader of Mineral Wool Production plants, With several Success Stories and references regionally in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt and internationally in Kharkov, Ukraine.

The production process start with melting the raw material (Volcanic rock, slag and coke) in the Furnace at 1500 C into a spinning machine to produce the wool as depicted in the above process diagram.


Our Expertise is not only limited to horizontal Furnace (Tank Furnace) and Coke- Fired Cupola but we are the pioneer in latest technology Furnaces. The Gas Fired Cupola.


Our scope of work is not limited to production lines and plants, we will support you optimize your existing lines and upgrade your machines.

Glass Wool Fiberglass Insulation

Glass Wool is a thermal insulator produced by the mixture of sand and recycled glass at a temperature of 1450 C, which is in turn made into thin fibers that are used in insulating flat surfaces such as cavity wall insulation, ceiling tiles and for ducting purposes.

NPK Fertilizers Plant

At CAD, we provide the latest techniques and technologies in the design, manufacture, installation, erection, delivery, and operation of a complete NPK plant which operates on different mixture of eight or more raw materials where the Primary elements are Nitrogen(N) Phosphate(P) and Potassium(K).

Mechanical Division

Our Mechanical Division will provide a complete Turn Key project for the NPK Fertilizers plant for both Powder & Liquid fertilizer Plants. We optimally design, manufacture and supply all components of the system starting with Bucket Elevators, Screw Conveyors, Automatic Distribution, Silos, Platforms, Batching Gates, Weighing Vessels, Storage Tanks, Hammer Mills and Mixers.

Electrical & Automation Division

As Part of our Turnkey project, our Electrical & Automation Team will provide a complete design and layout to run the plant with enhanced productivity and increased reliability.


Taking into consideration that the proper mixing relies on the raw material blend ratio and the mixing time. For each different blend, a different mixing time should be used. Our control system allows the operator to specify the required mixing time for each recipe; hence it is automatically modified according to each mixture chosen.


Our batching system is computerized and fully automatic. The system utilizes a fail-safe database system to store the recipe mixture ratios.

Battery Recycling Plant

CAD Heavy Industries is engaged in the fabrication of a comprehensive range of Lead Smelting Plants which is extensively used across numerous industries for carrying out different applications. The Plants are suitable for recovery of lead from lead-acid battery scrap, lead concentrate and lead ore. The smelting Plant is fully integrated with pollution control modules and can be configured for a wide range of Battery Recycling Capacities as per the client’s request.

Poultry Feed Plants

CAD Heavy Industries provides our clients with a variety of Poultry Feed Plants machinery designed specifically as per the requirements requested by our clients whether it be using vertical or horizontal mixers.


Being precision engineered, these machines work on the principle of coarse crushing & breaking of material in-between the serration plates and heavy hammers. Further, keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients, we offer these machines in numerous sizes and technical specifications.