Gas Pollution Systems & Waste Management Systems

Gas Pollutuion Systems

Whether to recuperate energy in energy-intensive processes, or to maintain eco- friendly gas emissions, CAD Heavy Industries designs, and modifies existing systems to ensure they operate according to acceptable governmental restrictions, and international gas emission standards. Waste Gas incineration, wet scrubbing, large and small dust particles removal, and settling tanks design, and implementations are CAD Heavy Industries’ specialty.


Dust particles and other solids in air-gas transportation systems can be removed using high- efficiency Cyclones, Static Filters, or Pulse-Jet Filters suited for the application at hand. Typical applications require rigorous inspection(s) of the site by our engineers to assess the requirements of the client. With our Continuous emission monitoring System (CEMS), you will ensure your compliance with governmental environmental regulation and restrictions; we provide a wide variety of gas analyzers, probes, shelters and other critical CEMS components.

Waste Management Systems

CAD Heavy Industries can propose and implement a variety of custom solutions to waste management problems.


Most production processes produce a by-product in the form of waste. Whether crushing or shredding to meet transport, and landfill requirements, or further processing using incineration, or additive addition for dumping requirements.